Social Media Impact to Users

While there is development of new technology, there is also a circulation in the internet world. The internet is full of socialization and we call these social media. In fact, many people engaged in social media are more aware of the environment than those who are not acquainted with them.

Thanks to social media, people can listen to the news even though they are not watching lively. in fact, there is no much time for people to be watching of television. Through social media, people can be learning with each other, share information about news, trivial or necessary information, share feelings and learn to be sociable. Social media has brought up many things that never happened before the 20th century.

In fact, you can hear about politics in social media and you can increase your awareness to dangers and good news. These are the facts that we can see positive in social media. However, sad to say, social media is not a paradise, sometimes and most often than not, it is like hell. There people do cyberbullying which is so bad.

Addiction to social media is becoming worse and worse now. Users do not leave their pages and they focus on it only. What they are doing to it is not certain but it is where they spend their time in it.

People regard social media as something they have to attend to and this is why this is where they spend their time in. Social media is good for good purpose, but is bad when lost self-control.