What Happens when Internet is Gone

Since we have already reached the digital age, all people have taken the opportunity to use the internet for good purposes. The internet is used for good and bad motive in this age. It has been a long time since the internet started to be used so now people are used to using the internet. If the internet is gone, what happens?

Internet users will explode! This is because the internet is being used in all sorts of activity such as business, games, studies, jobs and so forth and so on. So in reality, people can not survive without the internet in this age because thisĀ  where most people are getting their income.

If the internet is going to be down, the whole world is going to turn upside down. No one will be able to move and no one knows what to do without it. Come to think of it, it is where all the people are getting inspired of doing something worth.

All business activities on this earth need internet. Almost, the internet is life this time. Although in the earlier centuries, men were able to survive. However, this time in different. Now, bread and butter of mankind depends on the internet.

The whole world will loose the power to continue the technological and astronomical advancement in this age. All will go to farming in order to survive and life will be very tough to manage. However, the lose of internet will be that impossible to happen. It will only be lost at the end of time.